In the early half of the great eighties, civilization had nearly reached its cultural peak*, and yet gaming was in a dark period. Then, coinciding with the start of the Nintendo age, there was a blinding flash of cool and this awesome skinny nerd was born unto the world with a controller in his hand and a desire to create. From his first (fondly remembered) days with a tube TV and low-res game goodness, he knew that he was destined for deeds above mere Tetris mastery.

Hailing from a technical background with bursts of creative flair, Matthew's obsession is making games, playing games, collecting games, and Hulk Hogan, roughly in that order. On a serious note, he's also a fan of cannibal movies and early 90's Lego sets. If you ever need on-the-spot super coolness, you can always find him at any hour basking in the glow of a pixelated screen, creating or consuming. *high five*

*(aka the late eighties)