Feb 2, 2013
3:05 PM
Steve Says:
Starting to get a work space in San Francisco. Stephen Tucker's home office set-up at Sprixelsoft. It includes a probox usb 3 raid setup, an old dell precision 490, a zoom h4m, e-mu 0404, benq monitor, and a samsung galaxy note 10.1. Probably the most important feature is the legend of zelda wall scroll. Note the unassembled bookshelf, and the 7 string guitar hidden in the corner

Getting the Ball Rolling

I suppose I should start off the blog with a bit of a “Hello World” statement, as well as pointing out that while you are indeed looking at the blog right now, also take note of the top bar where there will be a dynamic link to whatever our latest “News” item happens to be. If you’d like to learn more about Sprixelsoft, Matthew Langille, and myself; feel free to poke around and see what’s what. And also be sure to click on the below link to get a bit more detail on just what it is that I’ve been up to now that I’ve quit my job, moved to San Francisco, and hope to fulfill my dream of making video games


So back in like… 2010 or something, I was living in Australia, when I got an email from Matt saying something along the lines of “dude, I want to make games… make some music for me”, and I was totally all “Yyyyyyeaaaah buddy!” so I convinced my wife to buy me an original Gameboy bought Little Sound DJ, and played around with it for a bit, then got lost in a world of overtime and forgot all about making game music.


Enter 2012, and Matt and I are now both living in Vancouver, and we meet up to play some video games at the local adult arcade (wtf Vancouver) before deciding never to visit that arcade again. We instead decide to start making our own games instead, and so that’s what we’re currently setting out to do! By the end of 2012 I decided, for many reasons, to try entering the world of intentional unemployment and resigned from my job. Consider me officially on sabbatical! I sold as much as I could, donated a ton to thrift stores, filled up a rental car Tetris style, and drove from rainy Vancouver, BC to foggy San Francisco, CA.


So here I am wrapping up my first week of being a hobo, and I’ve still got a ways to go before I can start being fully productive on crap. I’ve mostly spent the week scouring Craigslist for free stuff (scored a rockin’ 27 inch crtv for free, and a cheap bookshelf), trying to unpack, and rebuild my furniture. I set up my wireless network, and went through the wonderful process of resuscitating my 2006 Windows XP x64 workstation and networking it with my 2010 Windows 7 x64 laptop before deciding to use Vista instead of XP. Yay fun! I haven’t had much opportunity yet to get out and explore the city. Mostly when not working on getting my home office set-up, I’ve been watching DS9 on Netflix, flailing at Super Hexagon, and having people attempt to punch me on the street when I refuse to give them money.


I did have the chance last night to go and watch the Oscar Nominated Animated Short Films, which was pretty rad. It’s great seeing the work that people are up to. Adam and Dog, had some great classical animation in it; and The Gruffalo’s Child (which I don’t believe was nominated…) had some really beautiful effects work and an overall solid production. My favourite of the evening though was definitely Fresh Guacamole, which I would be pleased if it won the Oscar.