#Progress Report

Jul 12, 2013
2:50 PM
Steve Says:
Early sketch for some Super Hematoma Bruisers

Getting the Gang Together

Earlier in the week, I linked to the Mega Man 25th Anniversary Art book. I absolutely¬†love the old artwork that was done for NES era games. Legend of Zelda, Mario Bros, Mega Man, Metroid… these were games that all came with boxes, and booklets, and some charming hand drawn art that made everything¬†fun.


I wanted to do some art for Super Hematoma that was in the same vein as these old games. I wanted to put pencil to paper, ink those drawings, and then have something that was meant to be fun. I’ll be the first to admit that the art for Assassin’s Creed, Guild Wars, and other modern games is amazing. But it’s also not the cartoony type of work that inspired my youth.


I don’t know what the likely hood is that we’ll have any sort of physical packaging with this game in the end, but at the very least if we’re to have a crowd funding campaign at some point, I feel that it’s going to be necessary to have some non-game art to show off. This is still work in progress at the moment, but I’ve been working at some designs for some Bruisers that might lend themselves to some sort of a wall paper, or promotional materials down the road.



Speaking of having a crowd funding campaign, what kind of rewards do¬†you like to see when backing a project? T-Shirts? Mugs? Any sort of things you’ve seen in a campaign that you really loved? We’re still a bit of a ways away from being able to launch a campaign, but I’m interested to get some feedback on what sorts of things we should be considering here. I may or may not have a wisdom tooth I’d be willing to part with.