Jul 17, 2013
10:47 AM
Steve Says:
Space Cruise Chords of FTL (faster than light)

Space Cruise Chords

Ever play that maddingly addictive indie game called FTL? Not to sound like a shill or anything, but with it on sale right now through both Amazon and Steam, you don’t have much excuse for missing it. It’s a deceptively tough game with a great sounding score. Ben Prunty, composer of the FTL Soundtrack has recently discussed his process on his personal blog.


It’s actually a two-parter. He begins by talking about his actual set-up. Software and hardware, ranging from headphones to mics. It’s not a bad little rundown if you’re new to sound recording and wanted an idea of where to start, or if you’re just looking for some ideas on how to change your own workflow.


Sound is very much like painting. As you want to have bits of your palette present throughout a painting, it helps to pull a soundtrack together if musical themes are sprinkled here and there rather than just having everything be its own piece. In his second post, Ben discusses a bit on the musical themes that he presented throughout the sound track. Be sure to listen to the actual soundtrack if you want to read this one as he mentions the specific times in various tracks where you’ll hear the themes repeated.