Aug 12, 2013
9:10 AM
Steve Says:

Getting Ready For PAX – Listening to Music

So PAX DEV and PRIME are going to be happening a short 16 days away! Wow… I somehow had myself convinced that it was even further away than that. Guess I better start getting ready!

This will be my first time attending PAX. Unfortunately, we just weren’t far enough along with our game development to make a proper stab at attending this year as developers showing off our wares. There won’t be a Sprixelsoft booth, but Matt and I will both be on site looking around and learning what PAX is all about. We’re both going to be volunteering some time over at the Indie Megabooth as it’s a cool part of the indie game scene that we both believe in and want to see continue to grow.


I don’t know offhand anyone else that’s going to be there, so if you’re reading this, and planning on being in Seattle Aug 28th to Sept 2nd, let me know! It’d be rad to meet up! I’ve been going over the list of stuff that’s happening at PAX and getting my schedule super full, but we’re both hoping to get a chance to ambush some random people to get them playing the latest state of Super Hematoma. I can’t make guarantees as to what exactly that state will be. Maybe it’ll be the same state we’ve already shown off in videos, or maybe there will be a bunch of new attacks to test out, but either way it’ll be rockin’ good fun to finally get someone else’s mitts on the game for a few minutes.


In preparation for having the max amount of fun while I’m there, I’ve started checking out some of the bands that will be playing at the nightly concerts. Here’s a run down for your benefit (whether or not you’re going)


Friday Night


Bit Brigade

Bit Brigade’s appears to do pretty pure covers of the soundtracks from various NES games. So far they’ve done Ninja Gaiden, Contra, Castlevania 3, and Megaman 2. What sets them apart from other cover bands is that when they perform live, they’ve got someone on hand doing a speed-run of the game. Also live. So they essentially provide the live soundtrack to a game.


MegaRan aka Random

Random released his debut album The Call in 2006, but is noted for releasing an album called Mega Ran, a tribute to the Mega Man video game series in 2007. This album landed Random a licensing agreement with video game distributor Capcom and an opportunity to perform at the Capcom booth at Comic-Con in San Diego.


If I had to guess… the name MegaRan might mean that he’s doing music from his Mega Man songs at PAX. But he’s also done lots of Final Fantasy and Castlevania themed stuff.




Best known for composing original concept albums loosely based on the popular video game series Mega Man, The Protomen have achieved a cult following thanks, in part, to an active and vocal internet fan base, intensely theatrical live performances, and a heavy touring regimen.



Oh man… truth be told? I’m really digging the Protomen right now. I think I’m going to have to listen to more of their stuff and get some animation done. I’ll take a look at the bands that will be at PAX’s Saturday and Sunday night concerts in the blog post on Wednesday!