#Progress Report

Aug 23, 2013
5:27 PM
Steve Says:
Rain City is the second level to be designed in Super Hematoma

Rain City

There’s been yet more animation done this week, however as a change of pace I decided to take a stab at fleshing out one of the next levels to come for Super Hematoma. It’s going to be a rainy night-time city level from the west coast of Canada.


That’s right, a good portion of the levels that we conceptualized are heavily inspired by our strong Canadian heritage. Level 1? The Alberta Oil Sands… a grimy out-door level with a flammable muck that could spell doom if you’re caught in it when someone sets it ablaze. Nothing says Canada like out-of-control eco-hazard!


The second level is a little bit more homey for Matt and I, a dirty street corner in a rainy city circa 2011! You can tell it’s a city that loves it’s hockey by the flaming police car and occasional rioting crowd to pass through!


An early  look at the Raincouver level in Super Hematoma


This level should only require one new animation cycle: climbing the ladders. It’s going to be effects heavy itself though as I’m going to want to have some rain, flaming cars, and a crowd that randomly spawns and tramples through the street level. Some spinning fans in the air conditioning units, city lights… this level will definitely keep me busy for a bit. Maybe I should start on the chiptune for it?