#Cool Stuff

Nov 4, 2013
12:29 PM
Steve Says:

Play Games To Make You Smrtr

What’d ya’ll get up to for Halloween? Me? I went to the California Academy of Sciences where I learned my blood type, and got to see a human brain being dissected. Nothing says spooky like learnin’. Then I spent most of the weekend getting smarter. At least according to this study.


I feel like I’ve learned a lot through playing games; I did a lot of my reading in the form of playing Role Playing Games as a kid. Certainly playing games like Civilizations, Sim City, FTL, are going to help you learn to strategize, and any game with as horrible of a camera control as Super Mario 64 is obviously going to force you to have heightened spacial awareness. None of this brain business comes as a surprise to me, given that I see gaming as a form of meditation.