#Cool Stuff

Dec 16, 2013
5:13 PM
Steve Says:

Designing Mandatory Co-Op Play in Left 4 Dead

There’s a great video from GDC 2009 that has found its way over to Gamasutra today about the game design choices that were made when developing Left 4 Dead. L4D is a game that I played quite a bit of back in 2009 and is really what got me back into PC gaming.


If you haven’t picked it up yet, both L4D and L4D2 (protip… all the L4D maps are now in L4D2… there’s really no need to pick up the original) (extra protip: Steam should be having a holiday sale very soon) are great first person shooters which, while great in single player mode, really shine in multiplayer online. There’s a co-operative mode as well as a versus mode, and both of which can be an absolute blast if you’ve got headphones, a microphone, and a nice dark room.


The multiplayer experience that I had playing this series is part of what made me interested in Sprixelsoft making a multiplayer game, though the genre of game is completely different than what we’ll be doing with Super Hematoma.


Go check out the GDC Vault video if you’re interested in learning more about game design.