Dec 18, 2013
4:23 PM
Steve Says:

This YouTube Debacle is Bananas

If you’ve been up on your tech news this past week, you may be familiar already with the sudden wave of copyright flagging that has been happening with the new and “improved” content ID matching system on YouTube. If not, here’s a pretty good summary of what’s happening.


That’s not the whole problem though. While this egregious blitzkrieg on game reviewers is bad and completely ignores fair use laws in the United States, there’s also some crazier stuff that’s going on.Things like Indie devloper Terry Cavanagh getting copyright claims against his own work.



Not that that should be surprising since…


Anyways, Google’s sent out a letter to users stating that everything is awesome, and some companies such as Capcom have reached out to try and fix the problem…


… but there still remains an issue with this automated system allowing for too many false positives and too much abuse. Here’s another good read. Odd that we’re all so reliant on Google, innit?