#Cool Stuff

Dec 23, 2013
2:25 PM
Steve Says:

Gaming Deals

I’m sure some of you have already caught that the latest Steam Sale is happening. I picked up some copies of Monaco for Matt and myself on the first day of the sale when it was 80% off, and since it was a four pack it didn’t take much effort to find two more people to give copies away to.


This Steam Sale is running until January 3rd. Just in case you’re new to the whole Steam Sale routine, which features a vareity of sales over the course that it runs, you may wish to keep the following flowchart in mind to help you decide whether or not you’re getting the best price for what you’re buying:


It’s worth keeping in mind that Steam isn’t the only place running holiday sales. You’re obviously likely to find stuff on sale in any brick and morter store you head into over the next couple of weeks. Last year I managed to pick up a Nintendo 3DS XL along with Kingdom Hearts 3D for $120 at Futureshop.


I’ve only recently started using reddit, so I wish I’d been aware of this subreddit earlier in life… but you might want to keep an eye out on http://www.reddit.com/r/GameDeals/ year round.  Sometimes the Steam Sale isn’t the best place to pick up a game, and searching for what you’re looking for using ctrl + f on a page like http://www.reddit.com/r/GameDeals/wiki/stores/amazon/holidaysale might help you sort out whether it’s best to buy the latest Tomb Raider as a daily deal today on Steam for $10, or if it might be worth waiting to pick it up between December 24th and 26th at Amazon for $5… also as a steam download.


Also, if you’d like a free copy of Bastion, let me know in the comments. I’ve had a spare key kicking around for a while that I’m sure would love to find a home. Perhaps a Christmas draw is in order.