Apr 8, 2013
11:09 AM
Steve Says:
Stephen Tucker recently did an article for Young Web Builder which discusses the relevance of games outside of the traditional sense of artistic entertainment

Guest Blogging

I recently found myself in the right place at the right time, and was asked to write a guest article for YoungWebBuilder.com on how games are used in a non-entertainment capacity. A lot of the time when I’m writing these blog posts, I’ll search around, see what news catches my attention, and then I’ll just start writing. Other times, it’s significantly easier to splash my words about as it’s something I’ve experienced personally and can just post tons of personal information.


This was a nice challenge for me though. Writing for your own personal blog (or our “company” blog) is a little different, as you can write something specifically targeted toward your current mood whereas I got to put on the journalist hat for a moment here and see just what it’s like to be tasked with writing about something specific. It was a little bit educational for me as in all honesty, despite our attempt at some light marketing just last week, I haven’t put a tremendous amount of thought into the area of games as marketing, or games as educational tools. I like to think of myself as more of a purist at heart.


I love the old style console games where you buy a game, play it to death, and that’s that. Even the idea of freemium games is a little foreign to me as until the past year I’ve really just been rather stuck in my traditional ways. I’ve never paid for a subscription to a game, and I’ve only purchased DLC a single time in my life (The ability to play as Proto Man in Mega Man 9). Realizing that there’s whole other worlds out there for monetization is interesting enough, but that moment when I stopped to consider that video games are used for other purposes than pure entertainment was also a bit of an eye opener.


When it comes down to it though, I still think I’d be happiest making more traditional games. I can’t wait to see our ideas come to life. Time to go paint!