#Crowd Funding

Apr 29, 2013
11:10 AM
Steve Says:

Eye On: Chasm and A.N.N.E.

My first day at GDC saw me in the GDC Play pavilion, mingling with some of the indies with games-in-progress and checking out some of the awesome stuff that will exist in the near future. Two title in particular caught my interest, and I’ve been waiting for more news to develop so that I can help spread the word about them. My friends? Take a seat. Take a deep breath. Ready? That time has come.



Here were the notes that I took about Chasm at GDC:


Discord Games is working on an Indie Metroidvania/Diablo type game called Chasm that looks really cool.

  • It’s probably one of the strongest looking games that was there. Was gorgeous.
  • They’ve got a Greenlight Campaign.
  • Will be starting a Kickstarter Campaign later. I expect it to do well.
  • Forced me to take a sticker, a post card, and a business card. I think the game was awesome… and I think that forcing as many things into the hands of people that are at your booth as possible helps to force them to pay attention later when they’re sorting through it all… but is also unnecessary as the game spoke for itself.


Discord Games is now running their Kickstarter campaign, and it’s off to a great start. You should go and check it out, and then after you’re feeling all pumped up and ready for action, you should get your credit card out and fiercely support them.


The second game that had caught my attention was A.N.N.E. by Games By Mo:


Cool looking game called A.N.N.E. where you are flying around in a ship that you can get in and out of (metroidvania) and are trying to reassemble your girlfriend.

  • Mo Broots is the dude making everything.
  • Insane that one guy can do so much by himself 🙁
  • Had great SNES booklets made for his game

I remember being pretty damned impressed that this crazy Canadian is able to do so much solo. And now you can be impressed too with his kickstarter campaign.