#Progress Report

May 3, 2013
11:31 AM
Steve Says:

Triumphant Progress

It’s been an incredibly busy week for us here at Sprixelsoft, and we’ve made some great progress in the development of Super Hematoma! Code’s been pouring out of all of Matt’s orifices, wearing down the letters on his keyboard. I’ve been animating so hard that my left eye was twitching for two days straight. Hardcore.


It’s been a pretty great process animating, in all honesty. I’ve been getting into it, and it’s been great to develop the character as I go, even if it means that there has been a lot of revision, and there will continue to be a lot in the future. At one point, I accidentally went off model in my animation, and after reviewing it we started to feel like maybe it was a better direction to take the character. After some nudging from a kind critique on wayofthepixel.net I made a quick post onto my personal Facebook wall and found that 80% of respondents agreed! Thanks for providing me with feedback! So, I revised the incredibly few animations that I’d had done at that point, and then proceeded to plow forward on getting as many cycles done as I could.


Considering I had only four cycles done at the beginning of the week… getting all these done this week makes me feel pretty good.


I also got a little bit of work done for the sound effects this week. But I’ll wait until I have a good way to demonstrate those sounds before I talk about that process.┬áIn the meantime, here’s a quick video showing where we’re at with the build of the game. There’s a few new features since last time, and Matt’s done some work under the hood that should allow us to show off even more next time.