Feb 2, 2013
10:09 PM
Matt Says:
Matthew Langille's home office set-up at Sprixelsoft. Pay attention to the NES hooked up to a small CRT television as well as the super mario poster on his wall

Site launch

Greetings all,


Welcome to Sprixelsoft’s main site and dev blog.
I’m excited to get the site up and running and look forward to posting about our exploits, game dev progress, and other such foolishness. For now, a brief salutation and some pretentious ramblings.


So, since Stephen has already detailed the exciting three-sentence story of how we came to be, I’ll quickly outline some hopes and expectations I have for the site as well as why my life is currently a funny joke (buy our games and make me feel better), and then cut things there.
Stephen will be more active on the blog than I since he’s proudly turned jobless and generally has a more outgoing temperament than I (I’m sarcastic, opinionated, and crotchety because I don’t sleep; it’s how I have time to do anything). I intend on posting when we’ve hit milestones, when there is something interesting to share technically or game mechanic-wise, or maybe just when I feel like it.


I’m currently living in Vancouver, Canada in a tiny apartment, and my “office” is the available half of what is supposed to be a den, but is actually just a slightly larger-than-usual closet. The other half is filled with boxes of video games I wish I had time to play, and board games. It’s the little weird space I hole my self up in every morning and night to slave away at work on this stuff without interrupting the sleep of my cohabitant. Once our awesome stuff is released and we’re famous and all that, I’m sure it’ll be a legend someday.


So anyway, welcome all, thanks for visiting and please look forward to future coolness and all that. *high five*