#Progress Report

Aug 9, 2013
3:08 PM
Steve Says:

Joan, Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking?…

Make over!!! Having introduced our first female bruiser last week, I continued ironing out her design this week, we’ve got a slight improvement to the existing hair style, and a bunch more designs for options to be placed in the bruiser generator. Aside from that we’ve got some additional animation cycles for our lady in red.


I’ve got another seven animation cycles roughed out in her repertoire. This finishes off her nine basic movements and five of her eight basic attacks, leaving me with twenty-eight more cycles to go before she’s up-to-speed with her male counterpart.


I wasn’t entirely satisfied with how the hair was looking on her, so I did a little bit of revision. It’s subtle, but I think it works better…

Original on Left -> Revision on Right


In fact, while I was at it, I designed a whole bunch of new hair styles. As you know, we intend on allowing for character customization. Hence the reason that I’m animating bald eyeless characters.


And of course, I had to test out some of the palette swaps as well: