#Progress Report

May 17, 2013
11:00 AM
Matt Says:

This Week’s Development Précis or: Hello Megabooth!

Super Hematoma is running, bruisers are bruising, test play is happening.
What I’m getting at is that you can like play it now and stuff. It’s skin and bones at the precise moment, but the concept is at work! *High five*


Yikes, I’m tired… but it’s a good, satisfied ‘tired’. Yeah, I know, we always say “It was a busy week and we got a lot done!”, but we’re happy to be racking up tons of worktime into whipping together our baby here, and the last couple weeks have been some serious crunch-a-mania. So like, why?


Enter: our submission to show Super Hematoma at the Pax Prime 2013 Indie MEGABOOTH.
The Indie MEGABOOTH, in their own words, is a collection of independent game developers all banding together to bring you the latest and greatest indie games at PAX. If you’re a fellow indie, there’s no way you haven’t heard of this. If you’re not, let’s just say it’s a muchos-awesome chance to get some exposure and meet up with (actually, I like ‘banding together’) some crazy awesome indie game creators in the process- at PAX no less.


We’ve whipped up a video detailing who we are, why we’re doing this, what our game is about. Timing has been good, since we’ve now got enough character actions and animation implemented in the game that the characters are actually able to beat each other up and throw each other around. The stage geometry is now in-place (a little bit rough on the edges at the time of our vided, but mostly ironed out at present), and Steve’s got things audible with some high-five worthy 80s-tech pops and fizzes that set the mood. Now that the game is running, we’re going to be constantly play-testing through the dev process to ensure that the gameplay experience is what we want it to be- a truly enjoyable fast paced beat ’em up that’s just fun.


With no further ado, here is our Indie MEGABOOTH submission video. Watch for some first glimpses of early designs for our character and stage selection screens. They should give you a feel for the kind of look we’re going for with all our in-game menus.


Cheers dudes and dudettes–