Feb 2, 2013
1:33 PM
Sprixelsoft Says:
Fireworks which were taken in Vancouver off the Granville Street Bridge by Stephen Tucker. Very celebratory in nature

Site Launch

Hi there and welcome to our new website! Sprixelsoft is in its infancy stage at the moment and if you’re reading this right now, congratulations! You’re amongst the lucky few that will some day be able to say “pft, I was into Sprixelsoft before they were big.” And you know what? That’s awesome! You’re awesome. So bookmark and subscribe the crap out out of us because, kids, you’re in for an adventure.


So what is Sprixelsoft? Good question! Sprixelsoft was started by Matthew Langille and Stephen Tucker, two nerdy nerds that went to junior high together on the east coast of Canada, and then one day found themselves playing games together on the west coast of Canada! They love the 80’s, love video games, and are now embarking on their very own epic quest to make games that you don’t want to miss. So back to the question at hand… what is Sprixelsoft? Well think of it as a hub where you can keep up to date with how our projects are going, and also a place for us to share cool stuff that we’ve heard about in gaming.


Be sure to check out our Youtube channel where we’ll play through awesome games, and keep your eye on our blog to find all the latest info about what we’re up to. Engage with us on Twitter and Facebook, we’d love to hear from you.


Until next time!


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