Mar 10, 2013
1:28 PM
Sprixelsoft Says:
An image that Matthew Langille took of his super nintendo to help show off that we are working hard on getting our company up and running.

Happenings at Sprixelsoft

Some peachy news for all you careful listeners out there.


Sprixelsoft now has a new Youtube channel where we will be posting relevant company videos and other exciting stuff. The link can now be found on the Sprixelsoft About page. It’s already got some content going on, so be sure to take a look, and check back regularly for the latest development details.


In other thrilling news, Sprixelsoft has poked its toes in the water at Steam Greenlight with our own Steam Greenlight Concept page. For those not in the know, a “Concept” is not the same as a Greenlight “Project” competing to be released on Steam, but rather is a forum for people to provide feedback and for us to help garner interest in our game. We’ll be keeping it updated with our progress as we go, so be sure to follow and support us with your feedback!


Next up: details are scant at this point, but we’re currently talking with some people and looking into the possibility of releasing Super Hematoma over the PlayStation Network. The style of the game is more suited to the expectations of a console game experience and the two of us are a couple of console junkies, so this is exciting news for us on a number of levels. There is little more to say at this point other than that this is a real possibility, so keep posted for more news on Sprixelsoft’s PSN ambitions in future news reports!


Things have been off to a good start with having regular blog updates on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule from Stephen’s neck of the woods. We’re hoping to maintain a once-a-week schedule for the creative updates, with technical demos coming in about once a month or so from the team’s more hermitic member starting soon. If you’ve got any impressions or comments, feel free to hit that “Contact” button and let us know what you think.


As we’re still just getting up and running here, anything you guys could do to spread the good word about us would be super awesome, and rewarded with our greatest appreciation (and that’s it, sorry).


Til all are one,


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