Apr 1, 2013
12:00 AM
Sprixelsoft Says:
A screen grab of the Zombies Are South endless runner text adventure that was released by Sprixelsoft on April 1st 2013 as an April Fools joke.

Zombies Are South!™

Here at Sprixelsoft, we’re proud to bring to you our first and finest game! It’s been a long, arduous journey to get here, but we feel that the time is ripe to share our baby with you. Just don’t blame us when you wind up jobless, and crying yourself to sleep in a gutter at night in a broken heap of despair after becoming hopelessly addicted to trying to achieve the high score.


“Zombies! Run!™” (Would you believe that name’s already taken?!) “Zombies Are South!™” is a Zombie themed Endless Runner Text Adventure made for mature audiences. With a variety of commands at your disposal such as “run”, “go”, and even more surprising skills such as “look” and “taste”, you’ll find that while many endless runners make use of only one or two buttons, “Zombies Are South!™”  has a rich variety of game play that is designed from the bottom up to be the ultimate in endless running. Featuring an immersive core story, we hope that this is one adventure that will keep you hungry for more.



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